This is the plan for the week of RJ’s birthday. Uncle Dave is ditching us for Holy Week and

Easter and joining his brother and Lenny for a few days in the desert.

Ryan and Lenny are booking the week so Uncle Dave is not sure pool time and a book will happen, but Harrah’s appears to have a good pool. If that does happen.

Ryan definitely wants to get to the Hoover Dam, Giada’s and Valley of Fire. Uncle Dave was thinking Zumanity or Brittney Spears.

Valley of Fire
The Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park. Covering over 34,880 acres with red-rock sandstone formations, jutting out cliffs, canyons, and valleys, it is the ultimate hiking destination.
Highlights of the Valley of Fire include Atlatl Rock and Fire Canyon. At Atlatl Rock, examine ancient petroglyphs, dating back thousands of years and created by the Moapa tribe. Then, take a 3-mile (4.8 km) hike through Fire Canyon, starting at Rainbow Vista, where you’ll see the lighting against the sandstone and understand why the park got its name, Valley of Fire.
From < concepts the artist had mind in creating the statues, as well as details related to the “star map” at its base. A detailed compass framed by the signs of the Zodiac, and bronze seals of the seven Colorado River Basin states are also featured in this area.

Golf with Lenny: the challenge since Uncle Dave needs a new golf bag and could use a travel bag for his clubs to take with him.

 Oh during this week Uncle Dave is supposed to do a 10 miler. Based on today’s weather in Milwaukee this should be a nice chance for him to get outside and run since today’s snow had him doing the long slow run on the mill.


Since it is Las Vegas, I’ve included a link to the promo’s.


Zumanity, the Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil, Trailer


I believe I need to save this one for when I go to Vegas with Leslie. “O”


Outside of Cirque shows, this one sounded pretty cool.









OH YEAH, we get Linds when he leaves what else could a dog ask for other than Easter candy.

We’ve been in training with uncle Dave so we will run her until we poop. Feebie is the best runner.

I believe Discovery Zone is on the list of things to do this weekend with Linds.

Outlets of Pleasant Prairie

Egg Dyeing

Maybe a movie in a theatre with reclining seats. Think Big Fat Greek Wedding 2; Chris should be thankful

We have a ham and cheesy potatoes on the Easter menu (today’s Meijer trip confirmed)

Lots of Belly Rubs and long dog walks.

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