Hello My Name is Crawford,

I’m approaching my 2nd Birthday, but I still have a lot of puppy in me. Mom and Dad keep talking about my spoons each day. They also discuss how Crosby used to be just like me. Today they even mentioned me standing in the boat like Reba. I’m just me. Sometimes I have a little edge, sometimes I need my magical cheese to help. What makes up my spoons?

  • Walks
  • Peloton and place
  • Place Bed Training
  • Belly Rubs
  • Room Time
  • Boat Rides
  • Place at the Desk Training
  • More Belly Rubs
  • Playing Tug
  • Playing with Sissy
  • More walks
  • Porch and place
  • Car rides
  • Coffee at ABC
  • Chewing antlers
  • Walking with Vincent from across the block
  • More walks
  • More boat rides
  • Spooning with dad

I’m looking forward to a few more boat rides before summer ends.

I do miss all of you who couldn’t spend the weekend with me! Hopefully we can all get one last 2023 ride together this summer. With paws and prayers.

Mr. Crawford

One response to “Making sure my spoons are filled up each day.”

  1. Barbara Avatar

    Wish we could have shared the weekend together. Hope Kip can relax and Cherie feels better, and everyone took a labor day break from labor.

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