As we walk out of February 2023 and look back on Black History Month 2023 we go back over what was and set our sites for the future. We look back on our dancing, swimming, attempted skating, laughter, learning, adventures, readings, life lessons, reflections and moments for human connection. Did you know who Crawford was named after? Crawford wanted to remind us that he was named after a Pittsburgh Baseball Team. Their place in the Negro League history is recognized in Cooperstown. The current Major League Baseball team in town honors their history along the walk outside PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Crawford in all of his red and blonde puppy cuteness celebrates his connection to Black History Month.

February was a good month for Phoebe and Crawford. They both mastered staying at THE DOG HOUSE and taking on-site classes with @sayitoncevinnie. We learned that Peloton and Place is actually a good way for Crawford to perfect his chill dude routine. We also modified how we did our ABC Coffee walks to make sure Crawford would always have a way out of tight spaces. Sam and Barb both love his fluff and give him love with the Crawford Cortado.

Yes we moved to cortados over lattes and mochas. The sweet tooth wasn’t happening on the coffee side after all of the cafe de olla. Speaking of which I’m back to doing regular sessions on Duolingo.

The power of community is amazing. Some of the amazing people we met in the pool this February were family of Sam. Yes, Sam and his dad went to DMB shows. Sam also had a very inspiring TEDx talk.

Sam Bern
Sam’s Dad after Sam’s passing.

Pittsburgh is still a hockey town and right now the playoffs have begun due to injuries and poor performance since the New Year’s Day game at Fenway. I had the joy of watching a lopsided performance when Edmonton came to town and began to wonder when the breaks would start going the Penguin way.

This last day of the month I’m prepping for a specific type of cancer screening, yes definitely a sign of getting a little older.

Celebrate we will.

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