It’s been a few exciting days since this weekend. There was futsal on Saturday, flying on Sunday and driving Monday and Tuesday.

On Saturday there was the sucker discussion as we had parents fighting amongst themselves over the rules of futsal. If only everybody had a sucker to suck on instead of opening their mouths. If only everybody had played the game and understood all the little nuances compared to outdoor football. No wonder the big football tournament that started on Sunday uses VAR.

Sunday was a quick departure after de-icing in Pittsburgh and a round of golf at Indian Bayou now that Tom is a member. Thanks to the game change from Sunday night to 4pm for the Steelers and White Tigers we even popped into Hooter’s for dinner. Then there was the early morning start back home.

Buc-ee’s is open in Athens, AL. Hattie B’s is still amazing. Listening to Podcasts and the USA vs Wales game made the trip less monotonous. Driving straight through is always fun when you see a trucker escape with his life after his load of 2x6x16’s shift into his cab when he makes a quick stop.

Regarding insurance and Florida:

Mapmaker, Mapmaker This American Life —

We did not get around to these:

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