The last month of soccer season has been extremely long due to the extended travel time of just getting out of our neighborhood. I must say living through this upgrade means we are living in a detour and construction zone at the same time. We live in a great community for walking, meeting neighbors and their dogs and eating out with our pups. We also are living in the middle of an infrastructure project that will only make our highway more dangerous. Considering the original Highland Park Bridge was in place before 1940. The only time I’ve been in an auto accident non-deer related was when somebody took one of our on-ramps and used it as a runway. Oh yes, that is where we will have a new stop light when the project is completed.

The other day Crawford asked Phoebe to explain why 6th Street is still closed to all dogs and trucks.

Phoebe found this video to explain to Crawford how important the retaining wall on 6th is to the bigger and wider 28.

If you plan on visiting us at home any time soon, please travel using WAZE. It is the only way to keep track of all of the changes. The PA DOT site for the project is a joke.

There are other sites that remind me that this 4 year project still has another year to go before it is completed.

Our house

Then there is the other immediate project that makes going to the river or coach miserable.

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