Oh Did somebody say kickoff? Crawford kickoff Labour Day?

May, June, July, August- yep 4 months as Mr. Crawford, living my best life with my hot mama, sister Phoebe.

  • Once upon a May I was transported by Bridge to Home from Bridgeport, WV to the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh, PA. I met my foster mom Meredith, then the next day I went to Petsmart and shopped for my new mom. She was a sucker from first sight for a handsome man with fluffy fur and a little baby Pyr. She sat down and stared into my eyes and the next thing I know she was baring her teeth at me with that smile. A few minutes later I was on a date with a hot mama named Phoebe. Phoebe, Mom and Dad have all had a lot of patience with me as I’ve gone from baby Pyr to Teenage Pyr. They are hoping I mutate into more golden than Pyr. It is now September and I’m learning all about Labour Day. I am finally able to enjoy the water. Dad and I took a ride tonight.
    • I decided to help dad with the dock lines. That was the one that tripped us up. Let’s just say I received my first baptism in the Allegheny because of my misjudgment to where the boat was from the dock.

In other news, somebody tried to wakeboard again and this time he was able to get up and be pulled.

Please watch the video and provide any professional guidance as to stance, core muscle, other,

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