Our BA-5 experience.

We are all eventually going to get Covid-19. Three years into this pandemic that has turned endemic makes getting Covid-19 almost a certainty. The main difference between when Covid-19 first appeared to now is the severity of the strain and the availability of vaccines.

Our little crew did our own little Covid-19 experiment earlier this summer. We decided to take a family vacation that was planned for 2020 before Covid-19 first appeared. Normally I’m not a big fan of taking such risks, but after the first round of vaccines and a booster it made it feel a little safer. Add in the vacation line company requiring all guests to test before our vacation began and the appearance of Covid-19 safety was all around. Unfortunately when you holiday on a moving city for one week, you are bound to cross paths with people in an indoor setting, likely eating where it was possible to be exposed to the virus. Of our sample group— 7 of 8 tested positive within a week of returning home. In an effort to be open and transparent we’ve compiled our timeline to share.

I’m not sure why this makes sense after our experience.

As far as the holiday— we enjoyed each other’s company, fresh air, salt water and daily humidity. There were no major issues with sunburn, but the solarium area also had ventilation issues that may have contributed to our positive tests. We had a day on the beach with our own saltwater slide and climbed up Dunn’s River Falls. We even met another graduate of Mt. St. Joe’s in Cincy and a group from Johnstown who were all about the board shorts and pretending they were from Pittsburgh.

The beach day with Abby and Angel was also very delightful and we can’t wait for them to visit us in Awall.

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