Remember back in December 2019/

THE LINKS AT SANDESTIN before Covid-19 world.

BACK IN 2019 WE WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVING ANGEL JOIN US IN THE FLORIDA PANHANDLE AND WE WERE PLANNING TO SHOW HIM THE FINER PARTS OF TOWN AND THE BEACH. WE EVEN CREATED A LIST OF PLACES FOR OUR FRIEND TO CHECK OUT. Who would have thought immediately after that Christmas the whole world would be upside down? Looking back on that time I’m glad we were able to get everybody together.

Then last year we experienced the first Covid-19 Christmas 2020 when we had to stay socially distanced, masked up, went to midnight mass online, prayed for a quick distribution of the Pfizer vaccine and really had to hope that all those steps would be enough to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Then we had a summer of outdoor activity on the river after the vaccines, but then met Delta as school started in the fall of 2021. It made for a good learning experience as to how real people lived with the restrictions.

After a rocky soccer season, I realized it was time to re-focus my energy for the new projects of 2022. May you also find your center and reach out into the universe.

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