The year is 2021. This Christmas the whole world continues its celebration with Covid-19 protocols in place. To think back in December 2019 we were watching the Covid-hospitals being built in Wuhan. At the end of 2021 we are all still living in this pandemic. We still need to rejoice in the ability of mankind to adapt, innovate and unite this Christmas. We need to keep the hope alive that we will return to a better, simpler world post-Covid. We need to have joy for all those special moments in life that still happen. We need to use the light over Bethlehem that first Christmas everyday. Celebrate all small wins. Focus on purpose and not perfection. Look at any steps of progress as good progress.

A recent text from a friend. Yes we did travel and yes we did take precautions and get tested before, during and on the return from the trip. We also learned to navigate all the forms required for travel even as the Dept. of State was making updates for Omnicron.

What are you doing differently? Travel! Gatherings! Church in masks with ministers testing! Office parties! Golf outings! Spin class at home! The gym in masks! Working from home!

Church service in masks, but in person. The worship site was packed with a lot of unmasked church goers. This Christmas Eve we attended a service in our living room with Phoebe listening to her favorite Reverend sing.

A spacious outdoor dinner? That depends on your weather.

Everybody doing antigen testing before dinner?Seating according to pods? Pre-made plates served instead of passed!

Re-heating Pizza and sitting around the outdoor fire circle?

A Zoom Hot-Chocolate hour?

A puppy 5k to find Santa?

A marathon watch session of White Christmas?

A marathon watch session of White Collar? Followed my Magic Mike for the Matt Bomer fans out there.

Here is the current ranking of COVID symptoms after 2 vaccinations:

  1. Runny nose
  2. Headache
  3. Sneezing
  4. Sore throat
  5. Persistent cough

Omnicron— Unvaccinated people have the same shortness of breath, cough and flu-like symptoms that was observed among unvaccinated people with Delta and the original coronavirus.

A significant difference between Omicron and other Covid-19 variants— Omicron seems to have a shorter incubation time — after a person is exposed, it takes as few as three days for them to develop symptoms, become contagious and test positive.

So yes our little crew did some travel earlier this month and we learned about how another country united with each other to do the little things that will protect them from covid. We also learned how their economy was completely upended when global travel stopped. We had to be tested and we had to relearn proper masking but humanity and kindness was always present.

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    Feebee did find Santa?

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