Typical situation in a typical town.

Hey pups of Puppsburgh, this is one sweet dog world right now as my humans have been really letting me rule their world. I thought I had it good when I was being trained by Ms. Crosby but now that I’m an only, all the walk choices have been mine. The meals have been made for just me so it’s always pork and beef. I no longer have a couch buddy in the office so I’ve been sticking to my yellow couch on workdays keeping my space from the human. Since the walks have been at my speed my photos have been bootay instead of sniffing. I just wanted to let you know how awesome my dog world has been thanks to the ropes I was shown by my sister Crosby the Elkhound.

  • Walks:
    • The Neighborhood
    • The River, River Trail, Jim Kelly’s Old Football Field
    • O’Hara, Highland, Awall
  • Food:
    • Blue Buffalo to all the foods we tried at the end for Sissy- No chicken or turkey please.
    • Farmers Dog – No poultry please
    • Dad’s Cooking – Beef, Sweet Potato, Peas; Pork, Carrots, Green Beans, Brown Rice
  • Naps:
    • Next to mom, behind her knees
    • Dad’s Feet on the stool
  • Couches:
    • The Yellow one, not ready for Sissy’s couch yet.
  • Neighbors:
    • Duke & Buster
    • Murphy & Jedi
  • Dog Parks:
    • Awall
    • Highland
  • Photo shoots:
    • I’m a cheeser.
  • Kitchen helper:
    • Cleanup in aisle 3.
    • More beef please and dippy eggs.
  • All the birds,squirrels, mice.
    • I bring them in to show off my accomplishments.
  • Cookie calendar
    • My best advent ever.
  • Bedtime teeth cleaner
    • Dude I learned the routine







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