Holiday gratitude.

There are days that are full of sunshine and blue skies while other days are all grey and gloomy. Living through the last few years I have used several mantras to focus on the important over the ordinary. You may have seen them on my t-shirts, on my soccer whiteboard or on this blog.

  • When you Give, You begin to Live.
  • Live for Today.
  • Purpose instead of Perfection.
  • Be the Light
  • No White Flags
  • Kill them with Kindness
  • Love Your Neighbor.
  • Embrace Abundance over Scarcity
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Get out in Nature

Some days Google photos gives me lemons with their memory suggestions, but this morning I’m grateful for the reminder. It’s the perfect one this Christmas season. This was my last Christmas memory with my mother and I remember her smile as she took in the performance by the Pittsburgh Symphony during the Holiday Pops. The music and song of this season brings back that day to me and her smile. Sitting by sea with my toes in the sand, walking along the Carribean last week reminded me of being at that happy place with her back in Wildwood as a kid. Despite her fear of the sun and sunburn she loved to take me out to play in the waves of the Atlantic.

Create those memories this year, however you may need to do it.

This week is magical for so many people. Our family is going to be doing the holiday a little differently this year since we’ve started to embrace the important over tradition. May all of us embrace different as the world we live in continues its adaptive period.

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Boun Natale!

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