I’ve almost forgot about this piece featured on NPR’s Morning Edition back in 2014. After the past few weeks of everything I’ve been processing I’d like to share this piece. This is actually something that you should talk to your loved one’s about! If you never have talked about advance directives, quality of life, dying with dignity and what’s important with this natural life event, please don’t wait and remember to visit this annually or whenever life changes. Personally, I’m grateful that things have worked the way they have, because while I can handle a lot, I’m not sure I was ready for more at this time.

  • Where: LaCrosse, WI
  • What: Advance Directives are Health Care and Quality of Life Care
  • Why: Death with dignity and ensuring one’s wishes are followed.
  • When: ASAP and review annually or when life changes. Do you really want your parents to decide when you and your spouse are on the same page?

Have you talked about life after death or before death or when approaching death? Here’s a quick listen of 7 minutes, turn up the sound. It’s OK to talk about this stuff. It beat’s letting probate and the courts making decisions for you.

The talk of the table in LaCrosse Wisconsin from Planet Money.

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  1. dpankiewicz Avatar

    About 7 years before this ran, the Ohio Director of the Department of Insurance and I were doing a road show on this topic and I used this as a linchpin of my presentation. Great stuff!

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