Dear Dog Family,

Today’s Lesson was all about my neighborhood. We started with the entrance to 28 at the Highland Park Bridge and the Mattress Factory. I’m allowed to pee near the on-ramp and when they get me my permit I can play on the softball field. Until then I have to go bark at the goldens in the corner house by the crazy playground where 28 Northbound enters with its own lane toward Kittanning. After that we made a giant hike up the big hill, under 28 by the old Catholic church off of 5th and Center. He pointed out the house we almost lived in and I pushed his old bootay up the hill at my pace. He said something thing about calling 911 if we went any faster. Dad taught me about the dangers of playing in traffic today. He made me do the hill and I made him do the dog park. I’m so glad they didn’t buy the house on the hill. Our dog walks on the level are much easier.

So I’ve started chasing after the balls–he tosses underhand, I run after the ball and circle around but I’ve decided to make him fetch instead. Now I’ve taught him that I’ll come when he whistles at me and calls my name but I require cookies to play that game.

Hey Anne remember this house. He said something about that being his first intro to Awall. He wished that he was ready for a house when your sister was selling. Hope you and Nilla are feeling better! Needles to say I made sure my Human did a 5k today. Now time for a nap and a bath.

With Love and Cookies- Ms. Phoebe

One response to “Don’t go on 28!”

  1. dpankiewicz Avatar

    I did that hill once, and only once!

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