It may have been one year late but the wait was completely worth it. Listening to all of the songs from GreenDay specifically American Idiot left me with a giant moment of reflection. I never saw mySelf a a liberal leaning leftist, but after Sept. 11 happened and we went on this polarizing stream of law, order, security and warfare I began to question. The motivation behind the industrial machine of war. Last nights concert brought back those memories of anger and rage toward an American government that was lobbied into military maneuvers in the name of global safety. I was reminded that George W Bush started the series of mistakes that opened the book on Americans in Afghanistan. The funny thing is art and music have pointed out the futility of fighting in Afghanistan before remember Billy Joel, not Billy Joe and his Russians in Afghanistan? Needless to say the mistakes we are talking about in the news were bound to be repeated if we did not understand what was truly at stake. Not to get political but that reminder was very timely.

It was really nice to sway and sing Wake me up when September ends locked arm and arm with my concert wife, her wife, her wife’s hockey wife, her husband and my wife. Don’t over think that last line too much. It was figurative and not literal. Pennsylvania laws are not that open. Thank you Sars covid-1 vaccine research from 2000 and the quick adaptation to COVID-19 for that moment. Our night ended of course with good riddance that also reminded me of 1994 in my class song.

And since we were in PNC Park it was nice to see fireworks after an awesome night for all the hometown fans.

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