Ok, the world of Phoebe and Crosby have been on hold for just over two weeks. Why? Well first there was the ride on DC, followed by pre-season soccer camp and now the season is kicking off. Some of you already know about those little reminders scribbled in my notebook. One of them says to share your story with anyone who will listen and don’t be small– I’ve started fcarmstrong.blog for that item. Then there was the part about vibing so high I inspire others to be the change, that kicked of my 1k challenge–> How can I reach corners of the world through a game I love without spending a million dollars? Get back to grassroots soccer and build up a community team. Welcome to fcarmstrong.blog and the plan, the aligned actions, the reflection and the coaching without coaching methodology.

There’s the teambuilding part.

There’s the letting everything else go part to focus on this item. This is not recommended for sanity or a happy home, but it is a short season.

Can soccer connect communities? Can it bring diverse cultures together?

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