B4 and after. A whole new shade.

I had to pull this page back to the front. First we started with a paint job during the pandemic. It brightened up all of the old panelling and made those rainy days in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a little warmer. Then in 2021 we added a little grilling space. Needless to say meeting virtually and communicating here saved several actual road trips.

Here’s the scope all ceilings are 8′, all trim is to remain as is with exception where the corner rounds may create a cooler discrepancy with the paint:


ALREADY COMPLETED: Bedroom 1 8′ x 11’6″. Recycled Glass SW7747

Bedroom 2 10’4″ x 11’6″ Cay SW6772

Kitchen 14′ x 25 feet (9’x14′ is only trim area of 12″) Intricate Ivory SW6350

Hallway and Living room 32′ Waterscape SW6470

Bedroom 3 9’6″ x 9’6″ Blissful Blue SW6527

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