Putting some magic back into the magic city.

Don’t let anybody tell you things cannot get done in the middle of a pandemic. This process may have started back at the end of 2020 but now that summer of 2021 is rolling along the change is starting to happen. The irony is this started one evening over Zoom with Leslie, Hilary, Drew, and David explaining the scope, the design, the materials and the need for a wow factor on Fallowfield Avenue. Then you add in the neighbor who didn’t believe the make me move price discussion really was a make me move price and the awesomeness of the project really did happen.


The sad part about this transformation is that there are not more of them happening during this crazy time where most people can’t afford housing. The 100 year olds wood siding was still in good shape but the labor costs to repaint everybody 10 years vs vinyl, fiber cement and shake made no sense. Removing the old aluminum awning really brightened up the porch. Removing the old 80s fake stone also was a win. Overall this is a great win.

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