I’ve got the title might catch your eye it is not something freaky or poly. Instead it’s what you do when you pack your car full of cousins to attend if you enroll and support one of your other cousins who lives out of state. However you realize some of the best sunsets in the United States can be found off of the Great Lakes.

After living in Oak Creek and enjoying the amazing sunrises and sunsets on Lake Michigan with Reba and Crosby I’ve learned to embrace those opening and closing moments of each day and like to take pictures. Just walking around the lake and feeling the spray of the water is very awe inspiring.It is during those moments in nature where we realize how small and insignificant our human world is compared to the world that we live in. However our human actions tend to have a greater impact on that natural world than most people like to admit.

Maybe it was my overall reflective sense after spending the day in Rochester looking back on the life of Mr. Bill and how he and Nancy made the best of what’s around happen daily. Sorry couldn’t forget to give at least one Dave Matthews band reference. Most of the peopleI met at bill service learned that Nancy fell and I would always me whenever I was nearby for a concert either in Buffalo, Canandaigua, Darien Lake or Rochester.

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