Morning report.

Repeat of a previous blog regarding ARRIGO history. A note about what our ancestors needed to do to not be who they were. Thomas was really a Sal.

We are here in Rochester for Bill’s celebration of life sipping on some wine from Sicily. Telling stories about aunt Bessie being an Ignacia. Frank Thomas was originally called Chee-chee by uncle Peppino.

Then there was the talk about Joel, Patsy and Cheech where they would make the annual trip to New York upstate. They would go to a Pitt v Syracuse game and then they would stop to play pool after in Rochester. That is all we know about the stories. They only played pool in the pool hall. There were no mistresses in Charleroi, I did not get my pool skills from my grandfather it was all by playing with DB, Bui, the Bus and the Bus Driver. (Rest well Tim).

Grappa ROC dessert to share.

In case you were at Ellis Island and looking for the first name Thomas, family name Arrigo it will not work in the search feature. . .

Guessing this may have been done to disguise the heritage. If you didn’t thing this immigration bias existed before today. Think again!!

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