July 17 – August 5 – Saturday Mornings. Please sign up to learn more about this program.

Bring Futsal back to the Beabout!

Speaking of Beabout, you can blame Danny for this one! This was thought up after a little boat ride down the Allegheny with Danny, Coach Dave and Leslie. Danny explained to Coach Dave that the old East Brady Gym was where soccer started in East Brady. After a few more phone calls we learned that it was the center of soccer in the Karns City School District, where most players first learned the game. Most of the soccer players in the area started by playing futsal in the gym, just like most kids in Brazil.

While the soccer stopped in the gym a little before Covid-19, it did not start back after Covid-19.

BSA Futsal and East Brady Borough are re-introducing futsal to the Community Center. Please sign up if you are interested. Thanks to East Brady Borough we are offering a special introductory rate for KC footballers.

Instead of waiting for winter or outdoor soccer to start this fall, this introductory course will be offered in the old East Brady High School Gymnasium/Auditorium.

Why Futsal?

It’s the perfect game for encouraging activity and foot skills on a Saturday morning. Instead of watching the full size game on TV or Playstation, futsal will allow your player to get into the beautiful game this summer, improve their foot skills and get active.

Whether you are a resident of the Karns City/East Brady area or a seasonal resident, this introduction or refresher course on futsal is the perfect way to start your Saturday mornings.

About BSA Futsal’s Director: Coach Ale

Sign up at Futsal:

The goal of our Fundamentals class is to introduce the basics of futsal:
– Commit to only 4 sessions
– Flexible schedule let us know.
– Great additional training opportunity

– Training for community members interested in coaching. (PA Clearances required)


U8-U12 Boys and Girls
U13-U16 Boys and Girls
All skill levels are welcome and will be matched up accordingly.

2 hours of Futsal training once per week, for 4 weeks.
Introducing the basics of futsal to new soccer/futsal players. This class is appropriate for REC players looking to improve their skills, for players starting their soccer careers, or players looking for extra training. 

When? Saturday Mornings from 9am-11am.

JULY 17, 24, 31,


You can now register for BSA East Brady Futsal by clicking here:

or stop into The Old Bank Deli, Allegheny Power Sports, Nelson’s Hardware or the Borough Building.

For pricing contact Coach Dave at dppank@gmail.com


Futsal accelerates the process of developing essential skills needed as a soccer player, while the court may be smaller than the outdoor field the concept of attacking and defending are still the same. The smaller game allows each player to get more touches on the ball each training session and game.

More touches and more play allow the game to be the teacher:

The smaller game will naturally create better decision makers and establish a sense of personal responsibility and proactivity on the court. This will allow the players to gain respect for themselves, the coaches and the game itself.

Ms. Crosby looking back into East Brady from the boat launch.
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