How many offices can a tiny house have?!?!

Current count is three! Thanks to this long Canada Day and United States Independence Day we all should be thinking of spending our work week during this holiday from our favorite places. Why would you want to drive to and from when your COVID mobility still exists? Take this week to learn a new skill and spend time with those you love.

The executive suite.

This is for the up and coming executive. It is better than the corner office as it comes with boats, soaring eagles and sleeping dogs. With the external keyboard and mouse plus a few added game boxes under the monitors to create an ergonomic office.

The corporate chef office.

Do you need to make sure your executive is being properly fueled while keeping track of tour balance sheet? This six-foot wide, three monitor spread with a drop drawer for external keyboard is perfect for manually merging spreadsheets or designing a MS Sharepoint site. Sometimes Phoebe will even curl up behind you.

The River Rat Suite comes with the most square footage of all offices in this tiny home. Temperature wise this is the 2nd coldest office with the newly constructed fresh air exchange system. This suite also has its own gym so you can curl, dip and crunch during those two hour conference calls. On days when the schedule is light you have the fully stocked beer fridge or paddle boards to put on the water. Note you may be asked to turn on the gas by the executive chef. This is also the home office for #rileysriverrats ALS coordination and #hope4KY. This is also the suite for up and coming pool nine navigators and pilots.

The cheese office.

This is the suite inspired by the Cheese House in Kenosha and aunt Fran. If you think of cheese this is your office. It will come with instructions on making a kick ass gourmet cheese plate that is boating conscience. This also comes with the role of making an amazing broccoli cheese soup. Hint hint Broccoli was a required item at the CSA this week. SpaceIf you want to Learn the finer points of being a river rat this is for you.

If you haven’t figured out this is the Ryan Pankiewicz suite it comes with an Apple iPhone 11 or newer golf clubs Bluetooth speakers and the possibility of meeting a country star. This is really the executive suite but if you don’t know how to golf you’ll never see this one.

So, what sweet did you pick?

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