In 2021 Memorial Day in the United States of America is a good time for a pause. We can reflect on the sacrifices made by the men, women, BIPOC, API, and canines that have served in our military for various wars, conflicts, political commitments and corporately encouraged wars.

We must also reflect on what happened 100 years ago in Tulsa, OK when BIPOC WWI veterans took a to stand defend an accused black gentleman to allow him to have his day in court instead of being convicted and executed by a lynch mob. The ensuing massacre of the residents of the Greenwood section of Tulsa and destruction of business, homes and places of worship became a giant black mark on race relations in the United States. All levels of government failed the citizens of Greenwood.

Our house will be solemnly reflecting on both of these remembrances this Memorial Day. I’m going to begin the summer with more nature, more water, more cardio and writing exercises based on my white privilege. I’m very blessed to have had the opportunities in my life that have exposed me to my inherent opportunities provided by systems that were in place since before my birth. In high school I understood that I was not in a diverse population and had no idea what a diverse community looked like. At St. Vincent College I joined the Dreamkeepers who worked to spread the message of Dr. King in a very Anglo community. As David J Matthews sings: You’ve gottta do more than believe if you want to see the world change!

Crosby has been introducing Phoebe to the river. The have been checking out Buck’s wells and Nine Acre. They have met a lot of the neighbors and have even tried to put an offer in to get a house with Echo and no humans. Unfortunately only Echo answered his door and the humans were not home ot accept the offer.

In preparation for the summer of 2021 the #RileysRiverRats took some time to prep the dock and steps. This will be a bittersweet start to the first season with a dock and boat since 2016. The #RileysRiverRats have been more on land than the water lately. The boat has already been in a few times but only for sunset cruises. The tube is now inflated. The dock has been stripped and is getting ready for a tow upriver.

The gophers have found a new norther gopher course at Clarion Oaks. While Foxburg may be the oldest continually played course, its elevated greens and holes with two different tee boxes to make the course 18 instead of 9 can be very tricky/gimmicky. Clarion Oaks tends to be a little flatter with fairer landing zones and softer greens.

Meanwhile in the Mon Valley, Stanley was busy being the gravedigger, continuing the Arrigo-Caruso tradition, when not eating Isla’s birthday cake.

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