• I’m still waiting for all of your updates . . . Have you been doing this simple exercise? What’s stopping you?
  1. G- Getting the boat to the river for the first time of the year, launching and trailering boat in and out of water smoothly.
  2. S- Hand mixing fresh dog food for Crosby, Elle, and a taste for Phoebe as we figure out her allergies and realizing he Reba would have loved eating salmon and quinoa, beef and sweet potatoes, chicken and oats.
  3. Watching the joy in my teammates eyes in the captains chair.
  1. G- Having so many options in life, due to family support, educational opportunities, and being connected to nature.
  2. S- Trying to connect at work. . Realizing not everybody has the best tools to work remotely and flourish.
  3. H- Getting out on the water for a sunset cruise with the family for the first time in several years.
  1. G- Ability to still be a part of the game I love, after playing for 30 years, still lacing up and hitting the field is still fun.
  2. S- Looking back at the people I’ve lost, but have left their mark on my life going into this Memorial Day weekend.
  3. H- Working an Under-10 soccer game and reminding them them that the #1 rule is to have fun, then watch them play, run, score, make saves all while still being kids.
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