I know some people like to start their new roles on the right foot. Some dog’s may not let out their true colours until after they have found their comfort within a new pack. Looking back on that first week, struggling to get Phoebe’s leash on before she bolted. Those first few days sleeping on the couch downstairs so she could be in the same space at night with me. First it was the chair across the room from me, then on the chair next to me, before finally by the end of the week creeping on my feet at the bottom of the couch. The next night we tried to set her up in Reba’s old room, but since she jumped the gate and said no way to the powder room as her new bedroom and safe space it was then a daily progression to joining us in our bedroom.

About the howling?!? We didn’t know if she would ever speak. That was until I left the house without her and learned about her howling until I came back home. About her learning to walk on a leash?!? It took a few days, but sharing the tadem leash with Crosby allowed Phoebe to find the finer smells of A-wall.

In Phoebe’s life today was the two month anniversary of her gotcha day. While some pup’s get cake and ice cream, Ms. Phoebe was honored with a food conversion for Mothering Day. As a crazy dog mom, we’ve moved her to fresh, real food without kibble and tested her for Lyme, but still see signs of an allergy. In addition to getting this special treatment on her gocha day anniversary, she also had her first meeting with Granny. We’ve learned that know matter how dog friendly you may be, if you are female, Phoebe will approach you with caution, until she realizes you are awesome.

On day 31, Phoebe was fitted for her first life jacket. She has splished and splashed in the local streams with Crosby, but we are not quite sure whether she will be a swimmer or digger when it comes to beach season.

Happy two months with us hot mamma. You’ve been on a road trip to grandma’s, lunch with grandpa, a stroll along the Gulf of Mexico, Monongahela and Allegheny rivers. Now you are getting ready for boating season. Crosby is grateful for you helping her move more, as she’s dropped over 3 pounds since you formed your new pack.

Crosby is grateful to have you in her pack. She appreciates being pushed on those walks in Highland, O’Hara, Seybertown, Scenic 98 and A-wall. Thanks to you her floof is getting it’s shape back. She is also happy that you have learned the morning routine and know when it’s your turn to get belly rubs, after Crosby says it’s OK.

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