I always knew when something went missing from the kitchen counter Reba and Crosby somehow were involved. While Crosby was always a little younger and shorter, the assumption is Reba had the stealth leaping ability. Whenever we were home Reba would rarely jump on the couch, but when we were out for the day she always would sleep on the couch. It’s only been a few weeks with life under Ms. Phoebe’s spell, but it is quite evident she has a few more of Reba’s traits.

The past few days we learned of her magical ability to leap up on counters, beds, couches, tables and the gap between the couch and chair. I’ve seen plastic wrap, Kleenex and her cousin’s food all end up in Phoebe’s reach. Then there is the case of the dog sleeping amongst her humans, now that she’s figured out how to jump in bed. Reba always used to lead the pack when we would go on walks in the neighborhood or park. Now at the age of 5 and giving up 20 lbs. to Crosby, Ms. Phoebe is starting to push her much older adopted sister to stay young, If you’ve been tracking my activity you will note my daily mileage has increased greatly thanks to Ms. Phoebe’s insistence for longer more frequent walks. The only challenge now is to make her realize that sometimes Crosby needs alone time.

We realized Reba had to have pups at some point in her pre-rescue life. We know Phoebe had just given birth to the entire cast of Friend’s (Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross) before she was recused from Bridge to Home since they were fostering Chandler. I’ve been awoken in the morning my key mom-dog face licks and head nuzzles. Yes, also a Reba specialty. In the dog world somethings happen for a reason. I believe this little hound showed up in our pack for that magical reason. Rescue, love and feel those little paws.

One response to “Ms. Reba must have picked Ms. Phoebe…”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    Phoebe maintains the cycle of life for us all. A wonderful, if timid, addition to our family.

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