FU’16 or DJT’20?

Some days I watch the news and feel like the headlines are crazier than the Netflix Series: House of Cards.

I remember that night in 2016 when I went to sleep with the feeling that I would wake up to the news that America’s Richest Bankrupt Billionaire was going to be elected as our country’s 45th President. I remember that feeling of emptiness and gut pain, knowing that our country was going down a path that was not guided with love, honesty or empathy. The leader who campaigned on division, distraction and xenophobia had the ability to empower those factions that were brewing on hate, fear and violence would be walking into the White House declaring that all news that wasn’t his news, was #fakenews.

The irony of the guy that used to call Howard Stern and pretend to be the tough rich guy–would now be putting on that same wrestling act that I watched when he “hosted” Wrestlemania IV at the Trump Boardwalk in Atlantic City (note this was actually hosted at Boardwalk Hall across the boardwalk from the Trump Casino). While I enjoyed wrestling as a kid and the crazy story lines, I was now extremely terrified that the United States was going to be led by a Vince McMahon style World Wrestling Entertainment Villain who was all about pretending he was a tough businessman. If only all of the Trump supporters studied his entire body of work, they would have known that DJT was all flashy showbiz and didn’t know how to actually run a successful business. Think about all of the ventures that DJT, put his name on:

  • Casinos
  • Professional Football
  • Airline
  • Golf Club
  • Liquor
  • Premium Housing

Financially COVID-19 did a number on the economy. There is no way to forecast for a pandemic. There is a way to communicate a strategy to minimize the pandemic’s impact on the world, however the WWE storyline was all about sticking to the script of blame China, pretend that everything was going to magically go away, bleach could kill the virus and not us, and paying people to stay home and safe was really socialism.

I was praying that our country would not be next on that list of bankruptcies and hoped that the spirit of democracy would prevail. The Senate and Congress division during the last two years of DJT, made doing any work impossible. The taxpayers of this country will need to right the fiscal ship once we get past the pandemic, but I’m not sure everybody is ready to start talking again to repair the emotional bankruptcy that has and continues to occur. I’d like to think that all of the die-hard Trump supporters are doing the best that they can every day to live and exist in a land that will be led by Joe Biden. I can’t get upset if you will not understand why the voters who turned out for Biden were key to protecting our democracy. I understand that you believe what you do based on the information you have been given and would like to remind you like your high school teachers did when writing report, to check your sources and notate them as part of that report.

I will listen if you would like to share why you are concerned with Joe and Kamala, but if you start with any of the DJT dogma I will start asking you the three Whys!?!?

The planet has been at the point where it needed science and reason to survive. I recall studying back at my conservative liberal arts college the pitfalls of undeveloped countries following the United States path to industrialization on the planet. We also discussed the natural limitations of the planet if population growth continued at the exponential rate it was on and the issues agriculture would face, especially if we didn’t improve the climate. During the Obama administration, I rejoiced that we had joined in the Paris Climate Accord and wasn’t sure the United States would survive its global leadership position under 4 years of DJT.

Back to House of Cards similarities, chose DJT or Frank Underwood for the following:

Welcome to the death of the age of reason.
There is no right or wrong, not anymore.
There’s only being in and then being out.
Can you believe what CNN reported?
They always paint me to be the bad guy.
Question the FBI director, see if he’s been influenced by the PresidentAn investigation as requested by Congress to see if the President was aided by a foreign government.
Russia pokes around Antarctica for oil. Secretary of State states “It’s a brazen act of agression”, while the President send a family member to do backdoor negotiations.Russian Jets play wargames with US planes and challenge Navy surveillance aircraft. A family member of the administration reaches out for an agreement.
The President prevails over the projected winner, who wins the popular vote, but, of course, the President wins the race by rigging the election in vital Electoral College states and engaging in voter suppression.Department of Justice and both houses of Congress are investigating potential Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and improper contact with members of President’s campaign, with reports of alleged collusion and voter suppression.
The President declares an executive order for protecting “voting centers” and enforcing strict border restrictions, invoking “Section Blah Blah of the Blah Blah Act and Section Blah Blah of Title Blah Blah, Paragraph Bullshit Bullshit.” (wait it has to be FU, DJT wouldn’t close the borders for a deadly virus)Stop shutting down the economy, these Governor’s are going to make me lose this election.
President’s campaign is secretly manufacturing a fake hack by terrorist group I.C.O., using it to prod the government to make a declaration of war. The President is running on law-and-order while secretly supporting Q supporters as they declare war on BLM protesters. Creating riots in DC, Portland, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, leading to National Guard clearing out the protesters.
A Washington paper editor dismisses one of the President’s political tactics as merely a “distraction” to the underlying issues at play. A New York paper editorial staff reminds people to not get “distracted” by the president’s tweets or outlandish comments, or appeals on any state investigations, while backers at Newsmax note that all the chaotic distraction is actually part of his master plan.
 In sidenotes stricken from the Presidential record: It is revealed that a large amount of the chaos that takes place is part of his master plan—to aid in re-election.The President’s Twitter feed is suspended permanently, but all of his Tweets are preserved prior to suspension as part of the official Presidential Record.
The President, his family, lawyer and Congressional supporters, host a Stop the Steal Rally/Riot on the National Mall to stop the certification of the Electoral College.The President is murdered and the spouse is suspected, but never charged.

If you truly haven’t watched any of House of Cards on Netflix and not the UK mini-series, now may be the time. There is something about watching a show for entertainment vs. watching the news for reality TV. Check out the Highlights of Season 4, 5, and 6.

Going back to 2017 at the beginning of the Trump Presidency, the ideas were almost identical.

In closing enjoy the Twitter posts from @HouseofCards, hopefully we won’t see an upside down flag flying any time soon, or a flag of an individual over country. Here isto hoping and praying for calm over then next few weeks and month as we all learn to listen to each other and remember that we all are doing the best that we can with the tools we have been given.

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Here’s a few of my favorite Tweets from House of Cards along with an interesting article from the NYT.

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  1. You read the cards correctly in 2016, and we all have payed a price. Let’s work together to restore and revitalize democracy and reap the rewards of a kinder and gentler nation. Thanks for being on the side of civility, integrity and getting the job of governing done.

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