I really do get it! This whole thing about this great 10 month pause to this point thanks to Covid-19 is getting old. Everybody has lost their normal mo-jo of life and has had to deal with working from home, no air travel, and lockdowns. To repeat from the other day, it’s OK to be OK. I’m typing this on my old Monongahela Ford sales office countertop, mounted above 6 milk crates that I call my back office. In an attempt to reflect on times long ago, I will break with my general mantra of We Only Look Forward that I used to use when coaching soccer. We’re going to do a test run of this idea with Leslie’s crew.

Tell about a childhood vacation.

Yes before you were all grown up. Before you joined the work world. Before you met your Dave wife and started going everywhere to see DMB. Before you had a passport to go to Costa Rica.

Go backward. . .

Where did you go?

Who went with you?

How did you get there?

What did you do?

What was your favorite food from that trip?

Did you meet any people that you continued to keep in touch with later in life?

Compile a few family photos from that period, if possible on short notice.

Compile pictures of that place.

2 responses to “A little Zoom Vacation theme. . .”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    Can’t figure out how to attach or post pics. Besides, we are in Florida and pictures are in Ohio. But attached are a few that I had scanned into my computer – largely focused on Jim, as I was often the picture taker with my Brownie camera.

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      It’s ok I had to go to google maps to pull a few for mine.

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