How can we connect and be present in this Covid World?

Welcome to December 2020! Let’s see we are in month number ten since this started back in March. All the sports fans in the United States were getting ready for madness, first the toilet paper run, right before the NCAA could have their basketball tournament. Then there was no Opening Day for the Cubbies or Giants in April. As the safer at home plan continued outdoor soccer and the Pittsburgh Marathon were also cancelled. Thankfully as summer arrived up north golf and SUP provided great diversions from this whole physical distancing thing, since the human to space ratio of the river and golf course are about the same. Despite my crazy caution I broke down and agreed to work outdoor soccer games with a mask and hand whistle. I’m still not sure why all of the NFL official crews aren’t using electronic Fox40’s with the empty stadiums. After two months of soccer and over 40 games we are now in the winter season. We’ve made it through Thanksgiving or what we made of Thanksgiving to do our part to help flatten the curve. Obviously based on news reports and public health official messaging not all of us (collective United States) did Thanksgiving virtually. One of the things I picked up from the Thanksgiving call is it’s time to get back to regularly scheduled zoom calls: Arrigo’s, Riley’s, Pankiewicz, Friends. This is also what led to my earlier statement that it’s OK to not be OK right now. Embrace this and remember to take it one day at a time.

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