Rule number 1 in 2020- It’s OK to not be OK.

Rule number 1 in 2020- It’s OK to not be OK!

Wisdom of friendsgiving 2020!

Rule number 2 in 2020- Always refer back to rule number 1.

My text messages were blowing up at the same rate of Covid-19 cases in the United States last night. I understand that kid’s really struggle with rule number 1 and rule number 2 since they have been taught to just be OK and fit in with the crowd.

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Since the crowd is full of mixed messages:

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  • the election was rigged
  • there was voter fraud
  • mail in ballots are not voting
  • Covid is a hoax
  • Covid is real
  • Trump is owned by Russia
  • Biden is owned by China
  • Covid is the China virus
  • Masks work, shutdowns work
  • shutdowns kill business
  • shutdowns force people to live with their abusers
  • Shutdowns will flatten the curve so our healthcare workers can treat the really sick
  • You shouldn’t travel for the holiday
  • you should only dine outdoors
  • your testing is not full proof
  • you still need to quarantine

It is easy to see why so many of us our so NOT OK. Remember to take some time each day to reflect on those small victories each day. It’s OK to celebrate them, even if they are as simple as doing 5 minutes of meditation. Remember that now 80% of us our used to wearing masks, it’s really difficult to see smiles and that person you say high to when walking down the street is likely battling their own challenges this holiday season. Extend the love, one hello at a time. Look for ways to spread love the Pittsburgh way, even if we don’t know when the black and gold will actually play.

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