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Yes it’s November 15, 2020. We are on day 3 of our Thanksgiving isolation in preparation for the holiday. We have discussed safe food handling protocols, forgoing the standard family style pass the dish, instead having a gloved-masked chef dish out individual plates. I was delighted to find a completely empty press box for yesterday’s state playoff game allowing me to stick to my isolation protocols. There are some perks to avoiding on field assignments this time of year. Debriefing via email instead of completely in person. I’m also flipping back to when Governor Wolf shut down all gyms to flatten the curve and will move back to the home gym and bike for workouts until after Thanksgiving.

Anyway back to the original topic of @home attire:

I first thought up this post back in May, when it seemed like working from home was going to become the norm for the near future. Yes- Seven months later, this is still the norm. I’ve since had to change office spaces con mi esposa. She now has the bigger monitor and wider desk, with the cushier chair. I’ve been relegated to Crosby door duty with the portable second monitor. One thing we’ve learned thanks to the publicised mistakes of others, that Zoom=pants, unless it’s Hil’s birthday, then undies and dance team uniforms are acceptable. Speaking of Undie’s–> I’m fundraising again for Cupid’s Charities. They are planning a virtual run this year. I’m thinking of safe ways to get some of our #rileysriverrats team together, like we did for the ALS Walk. I’ve been working up a special T-shirt design. You can donate here! Or if you’d like to be a #rileysriverrat, click here!

Yes, when at work pants were worn. What have you been wearing?

When working out, pants were on the street for dog walks and if you decide to video chat me on the bike, likely to get @meundies at home. Today will mark ride 400! Do you miss working out in the gym and paying extra for workout clothes?

When officiating futbol, electronic whistles, masks, shorts and knee socks:

I’m looking for some feedback on the potential Riley’s River Rat’s T-shirt:

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