We are having a moment at home, instead of doing the debate, we signed up to watch “Wild” a play being presented by Quantum Theatre. It is a two-act play that is being held over two nights on a private YouTube feed. One of the biggest challenges of being apart, is not being able to be communal humans. We figured this was worth a gander, especially after driving around Butler County today listening to the Broadway channel with granny. We’ve enjoyed the Quantum Experiences in the city, but now in the Covid-19 world we’re going to try it at home with their Digital Season.

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In this world of lies, a play about Snowden is only so fitting. If the state truly doesn’t want something out, it really is difficult to be the whistleblower. Your life will definitely change overnight. Who really could be that person?

After night 1, act 1 this was definitely worth the night at home. Now to wait for act 2. Could you blow the whistle if you knew your whole life would be turned upside down?

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We are a nation of many states/commonwealths. Never has this been so clear in this year of 2020. Education falls on the guidelines of each states. Covid-19 lockdowns fell on various governors and health directors of the states. Elections fall upon each commonwealth or state to ensure that all voters are able to vote or suppress the vote using techniques that add steps for the average voters. The states also don’t have the resources to be the number one source for guidance on all three areas mentioned, but apparently our federal leadership has chosen to note that they could take the lead to provide the best guidance and resources to fight Covid-19, update education programs that could work in a pandemic and find a way to centralize our election system so people trust the process.

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Granny voted early/absentee and it only took 45 minutes. For the record this is the first time in her lifetime where the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made that an option.

Something about being born after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic made this one a little unique. Watching the other voters have their ID checked as they handed in their absentee ballot really made me understand why somebody cast doubt on the process. One extra step for somebody that has to drive a scooter into a courthouse and down an elevator makes it likely that one less person will vote.

Between Howard, Fred, Ralph, Robin and Ronnie this is definitely a tight election season. Yes Ronnie was questioned again this week as to his choice for POTUS. The bigger issue is for the past two elections not a whole lot of voting age people actually voted. Why is it that way?

YearVoting Age Pop.Actual Voters% Voters
US Presidental elections

What is a red flag?

About Russia: Trump is a giant red flag. Not knowing how many properties were sold to customers that were outside of the United Staes is a giant question. The reporters who have been trying to research the new swamp have been struggling to tie in the purchasers in a certain corporations properties. Not knowing what else the corporation received besides the purchase price is also a red flag. What do you know about Trump Tower Moscow? http://Trump’s Moscow Tower Problem

About China: . What about that hotel in Beijing?

Do you want to know more about these items?

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