As of this weekend I’ve now been able to SUP in the Allegheny for five consecutive months. I’ve pretty much decided that the only soccer I’ll be doing in 2020 is outdoor with my electronic whistle due to Covid-19. Why would I want to blow a whistle in the middle of a global pandemic? After talking futsal this past weekend, I’m not really sure that I need to a winter of indoor soccer. Right before we went into lockdown and all the indoor leagues were ending their season, I decided to start doing outdoor only since the regional leagues had started. I don’t think the US gets Covid yet.

Saturday Night Live came back this weekend with special safety restrictions and rapid covid-19 testing. They really knocked it out of the Presidential park.

While SNL was able to do testing, masks and distancing it makes me wonder why in Pennsylvania anybody would want to try and do a normal Halloween🎃👻 , Thanksgiving🦃 , and Christmas🎄, Celebrations🎊 inside this time around without the SNL testing budget. We all know how well testing worked for the White House. I mean even the climate change and Covid-19 deniers have had a dose of karma lately.

Let’s look at our friends to the north. As of the 4th day in October the entire country of Canada had almost the same number of confirmed Covid-19 cases as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Why would Canada let any NHL team come to Pittsburgh to play their national hero Sydney Crosby? If you are focused on case fatalities you’ll notice those numbers are also pretty close. What isn’t close is the percent of population confirmed with Covid-19. Canada has almost 38 million residents, compared to Pennsylvania’s 13 million. Yes the same number of cases with one-third of the residents.

This is why when I’m doing soccer games right now the coin-flip is from 5 yards away instead of 6 feet. Conversations with coaches and captains are now from 5 yards and only after the mask goes on. We no longer have quiet conversations, instead everything becomes loud, large and full of covid-19 theater. For those covid-19 hoax people, the electronic whistle is here weather permitting and whether you like it or not. I’m not going to put my health at risk when there are adaptations that work almost as well as the traditional standard whistle for your mouth.

Remember that curve that we were talking about flattening back in March? It now appears that it might be flattening here in the United States, but at a volume of new covid-19 cases per day that is equal to a sold out Three Rivers Stadium, 50% of Beaver Stadium per day or 2.3 PPG Paints Areana. That’s one large number to the point that I’m sure that life as we knew it is not right now.

Stay safe, stay apart and if you need real data, follow Canada. I wonder if South Park could come up a song for Covid-19.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can also follow the Comonwealth’s guidance.

And if you have a smartphone, you can use the app for Covid19 in the commonwealth. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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