Hey Bob- I was thinking about you even before we talked yesterday! I know somedays when we turn on Netflix and see what’s trending we wonder what’s going on with humanity, but yesterday I gave in to the trending and appreciated one of the documentaries. For those of you at home looking for things to watch with the family that can lead to a good discussion about our world, this one is definitely on the list.

Let’s go back to Econ 101 with a sprinkle of Intro to Philosophy followed by World Religions and Political Science on Governments and Banking and reflect on where the world is right now. Ok, if you have not had those courses then maybe we should find a way to incorporate them into our Commonwealth’s High School curriculum for all. Our education system is designed to make us average citizens. Since World War II a good part of that is being a worker and consumer of goods. Unfortunately what we are seeing in the United States right now is a result of the collective states setting education requirements at average. A lot of the education was designed around not how to think or even ask the question of why, when learning but instead to remember what is taught and live by it. During this pandemic the one hope I’ve had for all of mankind is to learn to ask:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How can we change it to make a better world?
  • What is truly important?
  • Where do our decisions stand in the timeline of this planet?

Unfortunately the world we live in is really struggling with the reframing part. In the US, wearing a mask during a global pandemic has become a civil rights and political issue instead of keeping each other safe.

Why does Adam Smith matter? His teaching on economics really lead to the basis behind capitalism. This morning I had 6 separate emails asking for grassroots funding of Senate, House and Presidential campaigns to help with funding to take on the big money of their opponents. This has been going on forever but it was made worse when the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people too. Right now the Super-PACs are able to do a lot of the dirty work during a campaign. Be wary of the source of advertisements. Look into claims and check the facts.

For all of you with school children at home looking to make them better than Average, I’m recommending a movie night on Netflix to watch, discuss and discuss what is important.

Capital, In the twenty-first century:

I’m curious to see if you have any takeaways from this movie.

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  1. Bob Simqu Avatar
    Bob Simqu

    Wow, Dave! My lunch just arrived so I cannot do your submittal any justice. I thank you for your insight. I thank you for your balanced perspective. I agree with you on every level. Thanks again

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