It’s really not the fraud piece that makes mail in ballots dangerous. It’s really about the ability for everybody to vote. It really makes it much harder to suppress the vote with limited polling places, equipment and then intimidating supporters. I really miss Wisconsin and the ability to vote early, in person, in my own municipality.

If you haven’t been following WNYC’s podcast Trump Inc, this week they really explained what DJT is talking about when it comes to mail in balloting. If you don’t know who the Heritage Foundation is, please start here. DJT is doing his best to make US as 3rd world country, by implying that our 1st world convenience is more dangerous to democracy that his agenda.

or the ProPublica version:

yet one more:

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2 responses to “Naked ballots in PA are a no-go.”

  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    Our democracy is at risk, but apparently nearly half the population don’t understand that, or don’t care.

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      It just could be they are exhausted from all the anxiety of the circus.

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