Crosby & Phoebe

So now you are wearing your mask . . .

Are you fitting and removing your mask in a safe manner each time you wear it? Are you sanitizing your hands at the key times when touching your mask?

I found this piece by the CBC and it really hit my guidance from a few weeks ago. This also really covers why we need to wear a mask and why we need more testing.

About life in the NHL bubble? My guess is the NHL has a pretty good idea that there won’t be a normal 2020-2021 season with air travel.

And that part of going back to school in person hoping kid’s can wear a mask, correctly, remove it and actually wear it for a full day. Even the doctors here don’t think that’s practical.

Then there is the testing piece, think of it as a light brain tickle but maybe more than that as somebody who had one recently said this morning.

Oh if you think this mask thing is funny our friends to the north view it this way.

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