How many of you traveled more than 10 miles this holiday weekend?

How many of you got out in nature this weekend? Dog walk? Boat ride? 5k run? SUP on the river? Fishing? Bike ride?

Luckily in the Pittsburgh region summer arrived. Sunscreen was required and shade was a good thing.

What else did we do this holiday? Connect with the Arrigo cousins on Zoom. Some dialed in, while others connected on laptops or tablets. It was good to see who all is on the move despite the current Covid-19 world. We had representation from NY, PA, OK and VA. We covered some family stories from long ago, the chickens, ice rink and soccer surveys. We had all ages using tech.

After breakfast it was time to chill with the dog on the deck. The water was clear but a little too chilly for swimming, before cooking for the other family it was time to read and enjoy it being sunny out.

Oh yes, Linds can do puppy play.

The board made it out this weekend twice thanks to the Peter’s busting out their new rafts. The SUP propelled them up the river before floating back down the river. No Jess King ride this weekend, but some great SUP time.

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