I admit, I am somewhat offended that my age essentially is considered a pre-existing condition putting me in the high risk Covid 19 cohort, but I accept that if I want to be safe I need to be sheltering at home. Thank goodness our Florida home offers several avenues to grocery shop on line, so here’s our experience with Walmart Click and Publix via Instacart.

Walmart is a breeze. Just go to the Walmart.com web site, go to the bottom of the page and choose grocery shopping. Pick the time when you want to pick up your groceries, (and yes, you can order things besides groceries, too), type into the search function what you are looking for and when the items pop up, pick the one you want and how many you want. Some things have been limited to 2 items, and some things have been out of stock, but it is an easy way to get most of what you may need. The prices are their normal prices, and there is no extra charge to have them do the shopping  for you. Then you drive to your local Walmart, (you choose which one), and they load your order into your car. No contact necessary, and the store has a rule that they may not accept tips – altho we always offer.

Publix doesn’t do this, they handle it through Instacart which also is easy. Just go to the website of the store you want to shop, and if they use Instacart for delivery there is a link to it that explains what to do. The service was good, but Publix inflates the price by about 10%, plus there is a delivery charge as well as a tip. I would opt for ordering online via the grocery store itself and picking it up yourself, which I will do via Giant Eagle when we return to Columbus.

I know it is difficult to stay at home and not seize the opportunity to go out to shop, but it is safer for everyone to just stay away from others and be thankful that there are people willing to go to their jobs each day and work for us. May you stay safe and stay well.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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  1. dpankiewicz Avatar

    Funny the way it is, but when you get toilet paper in your delivery right now it feels like winning the Stanley Cup.

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