From Afghanistan to the US, Brazil to Uganda, India to Russia — and 17 other countries — here are stories from the TED Fellows.
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While I’ve been pondering why so many people are struggling with this physical distancing, I guess being able to easily connect virtually has helped me. I figured it was worth sharing how the rest of the world is handling it since this is a ONE WORLD problem despite most of us being trapped in our own heads with our First World.

We’ve added chart art and poetry to our sidewalk.

We’ve now attended more happy hours in the past three weeks than in the past two years.

If you need a wine hookup let us know.

If you need a grocery hookup we can try instacart for you.

If you want to do a workout we can schedule Zoom.

I’m not quite sure I can handle more than an hour of Virtual Monopoly if you have the game on your devices, but we can even try that.

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