Crosby & Phoebe

Aspinwall Day #30.

I’m not quite sure when the rest of you started your #saferathome project, but our little house is on day 30. For those of the Jewish faith it’s Passover at home with social connections despite physical distancing. While those of the Christian faith were still able to follow their normal Holy Week observances, from the convenience of their own home. . .It is setting a whole new normal, but it is the safest way to do it in the time of Covid-19.

What are you doing to make this holiday observance special? Are you making time for a good deed while observing the guidelines for safer at home? Are you taking time to connect with family and friends? There is more than one way to cook the goose and this year is a perfect practice in trying new things.

It’s Ok to try different and new. It’s OK to do things however you can. . .

Crosby forced me out of the house the other night and we found more wall art. . .

Sniff don’t spray. And if you’re human mask and stay away.
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