Day 29 here in Aspinwall.

I won’t lie, I like my gym. I miss my Planet Fitness Leverage quickie workout and my Bodytech Leg Day with Machines. My home gym kicks serious bootay with the deads, squats, db bench and flyes, KB Swings, bosu crunches, db boulders and the bike, but it’s not the gym.

Going out for groceries today. Not going in the store just doing the curbside pick up. Trunk is ready for the curbside, so we can avoid the human contact at Big Bird. –note it was that easy. The scallops they picked for me actually made an awesome home dinner.

Next Grocery pick up is schedule for Aldi on Saturday. We can add to that order until it starts getting picked. Who would have thought we’d see the day’s where grocery was the new warehouse with pickers instead of shoppers.

OK for all you extroverts out there. . . How ya doing? Just checking on you. This is that one time I’m really glad I tend to be more of an I than an E. For all of you E’s out there I’ll continue to schedule zoom events. This Friday will be the first DJ JOSH’s Virtual Dance Party.

Still trying to schedule a Peloton ride with a few friends so we can chase each other on the leaderboard.

2 responses to “Setting new normals. . . one day at a time.”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    Hey I see your wine club wines made the blog. How are you liking it?

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      The reds have all been wonderful to date. Thanks for the idea to go naked with our wine.

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