Big weekend two! How is your routine going? One morning it’s egg white omelets followed by scrambled eggs, then waffles with berries, then bagels with cream cheese and repeat. It may not be Oasis of the Seas, but for being on lock down, it is pretty good. (note you will want to open this one up in the browser as there are lot’s of crazy pictures in today’s gallery, feel free to forward or comment.)

Lockdown in PA, no bars, restaurants, no going to the gym, movies, theater, concerts, hockey games or physical places of worship. We are able to get beer delivery from East End Brewing, so despite the state store lock down, the beer is still flowing.

What is going on in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave are we doing the same thing the rest of the world is doing to create space between hosts and the Covid-19 virus? How could we let this happen in America where capitalism comes at all costs? Why is the grocery and pharmacy the only places to go for the second weekend in a row? Florida welcome to your first weekend of this officially since your Governor didn’t think it was that bad during spring break.

We are prepared in our house. Friday night it was Zoom with Florida and Columbus. Saturday we zoomed with Bridgeville and Waterloo, IL. Sunday it was time for coffee with Ryan and Angel. What is this zoom? It’s a way we can gather without gathering. All you need is the Zoom App on your smart device.

Ladies and gentlemen this is now our new normal for family and friend time and will likely be the normal for the foreseeable flattening the curve future according to our Governor and the respected Governors’ of Illinois, Massachussets and Ohio.

The sooner we learn that we can’t change this current situation, we just have to wait it out, the easier it will be for our mental agility. Really–Staying put isn’t that hard, just learning to stay put and chill out will get us back to re-creating our new world, hopefully after humanity redefines what is important in the world.

What can we control right now? Our attitude, our daily approach to life, and our understaning in being vulnerable.


Good News 9 am Central Live Stream and will rebroadcast on demand.

Good Sheperd Lutheran Church daily prayer on demand.

St. Andrew MidMon this weeks Mass.

St. Andrew MidMon Link from Last Sunday.

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    King Avenue UMC has done a sermon series on the Mr. Rogers movie, and today’s is very good.We plan to go back and listen to the ones we’ve missed.

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