Crosby is encouraging everybody who said WTF when they received President Trump’s Coronavirus in the US Mail to STAY HOME! Really how hard is it to avoid human contact. Just think when this is all over we can get together and sing a big round of Two Step. Ms. Crosby is also planning to host Easter Services at home, based on what she’s seeing with testing numbers she is not sure that 15 days will likely be enough to stop the spread. She had a pretty good idea at the end of February that the US would lead the world in total number of Covid-19 cases and even encouraged us humans to stay away from Linds and the Arnold that was eventually canceled by the Ohio Governor.

Apparently the CDC wanted to make sure everybody knows that the best information you can get on #flattenthecurve is from your local government. Apparently their attempts to guide the nation in this pandemic may be falling on people who only talk and don’t know how to listen.

Notice the first instruction: follow the directions of your STATE and Local Authorities. If you live in Columbus or Pittsburgh it seems like they may understand the severity of what’s going on right now and are able to address the fear and concern that is floating throughout the entire world, not just the United States of America. . . .

Check out this moment where two neighbors were able to bond while social distancing.

In happy news- Dave Matthews wrote a new song to capture this moment in our world. He introduced Windows last night in his concert from his garage. Our house accountant wanted to explain to him how gift card revenue recognition works, but we decided to enjoy the music and debate over Don’t Drink the Water.

On the topic of music and uniting even though we are all staying home our friends from Dear Evan Hansen compiled this little bit of coming together.

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