Everything is going to be OK, we just need to embrace that our current world is in a state of change for the preservation of humanity. What we knew as normal cannot be right now.

Personally, during the challenges we’ve faced these past few year’s I’ve found comfort in knowing that former New Orlean’s Saint American Football player, Steve Gleason can be an inspiration to facing these new challenges as he has continued to live his best life even after ALS has taken away almost all of his physical ability.

During his playing days he provided a spark to the city that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Now after football and during his life as a PALS he continues to provide a source of investigation and motivation for ways to improve the life of other PALS.

Steve started posting his approach to these uncertain times the other day.

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  1. dpankiewicz Avatar

    I was just thinking of a song that fit’s today’s post. BOWA definitely fits with Steve’s perspective:
    Lo que sea que nos llore, Lo que sea que nos detenga, Y si no se puede hacer nada, Haremos lo mejor de lo que hay alrededor!

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