Explore the world. . .

Happy Easter! In this virtual world. May your Passover be just as happy during this period of pandemic.

Now that almost all of the world is sheltering in place it’s time to think about those parts of the world that we’ve been lucky enough to travel to in the past year. In our case we didn’t get out to the world but we did make it around North America. We have been lucky enough to make it to two provinces in Canada, thanks to Dolores– and two states in Mexico over the past 18 months. Both of those trips allowed us to get in or on the water and see very amazing aquatic life: Whales, fish under our floor, dolphins, turtles, river otters, muscles, and even the giant trout.

What do we know from all this travel? That there is a lot of life in all of these places. We have been practicing gratitude for getting to all these amazing places but also seeing that there is more to life. . . learning about culture, life and that UBER is not everywhere yet. Whether we were in the geographic center of Mexico (it’s not Mexico City) or the Yucatan the simple thing is getting out and trying the local cuisine, seeking local art, and taking in the street scenes.

Elrama United & Monongahela First United Methodist Drive By Church from the Fire Hall Parking Lot.
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