It’s Saturday, we were up early. My new food is amazing and this whole dark walk is actually OK, I guess that’s why Reba used to do that thing where she would sit by the side of the bed and stare at the humans until they got up and fed us. This morning it’s Scott Simon wearing the W. That is the approach us dog’s are taking to the world these days, eventually we will have baseball in Wrigley and the W will fly again. I’m all for applying to be the bat dog.

Scott Simon of NPR- Weekend- Morning Edition in Studio.

I’m officially skipping all live pressers. (Those press conferences where the President speaks and all the public health people hold their breath when someone says something inappropriate or inaccurate.) They are anything but calm, especially after reading FEMA’s guidelines. Apparently the President did not either read it or comprehend why it’s important to provide clear and concise information. Between listening to all the news and having the humans at home all the time now, this is exhausting.

Mom clipped in to the bike this morning so I went all the way to the third floor. This clipping in thing is almost as terrifying as having the Milwaukee skyline picture crash to the floor at 3 a.m. Eventually today Uncle Dave will clip in and listen to that really loud red head. I guess I’ll need to run back upstairs again.

I’m not sure who thought hanging things with contact strips were a bright idea, but my sleep was definitely disturbed. I’m looking forward to joining some friends (Grace, Fitz, Ollie and the bunnies) tonight for a game night. Hopefully all internet connections will work and there will be good food to fall from the humans.

This morning we did the walk in the middle of the street thing again. I prefer walking on the sidewalk and hunting the local rabbit and squirrel population. Last night they made me watch Flashdance. I’m really not sure how Jennifer Beals took the incline up Mt. Washington, then continued riding up a hill to only come out of a house on the South Side Flats when she found out Hannah Long had passed. I really wished my dog walks could magically be on only flat land here in Pittsburgh. They made a big deal of the dancing cop. Apparently that was a thing in back in the 80’s or in this case the 70’s when there were still street cars.

To think just over a month ago I spent time with Linds and the humans had this view, sun and vitamin sea.

Since tomorrow is Sunday, here are some church options, since just about every house of worship is closed as we shelter in place:

LivestreamGood News Santa Rosa Beach 9a.m. Central Sunday

Pastor Bob’s daily prayer on YouTube: Good Shep Monroeville

Catholics Mass from St. Mary of Mercy Pittsburgh is on demand.

Monday is a trip quick to Monongahela and Charleroi around noon:

Hungry Man x 6, Toilet Paper, Suave Conditioner & Shampoo

The human’s 35# showed up so now the home weight bench is being used in addition to my walks. I did two yesterday despite all the rain.

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