As Governor Wolf declared it’s time to stay home if we want to have a fighting chance against Covid-19. Pittsburgh was already in that direction before the state. Here in Aspinwall our government is working remotely and our park is closed since it was just a postage stamp with ballfields, spray park and swing set. Here in our house we are all set to work from home, eat at home, socialize from home, workout from home and have movie and popcorn night. Crosby is really happy that everybody is staying home, so she can now walk down the middle of 2nd Street.

We normally do not walk down the road.

Remember to take a minute in this time of chaos to be grateful for what we have around us. . .even though what we would normally do and want to do may be off the table for now we need to continually work on reframing our thoughts so we can be strong and resilient enough to live for each day.

If you need a minute for prayer, during this time Bob is keeping his YouTube updated.

Florida is finally catching up: First all cruise ships are in port, second all public transit users were required to social distance, third the government is planning on going into a work from home model and fourth the county initiated the closures of public places before the governor could get there. Okaloosa and Walton have both closed their public beaches. Now the panic buying we had in Pittsburgh last weekend is starting to set in as Angelo had to go searching for the necessities to plan for lock down in Miami Beach. Sue has confirmed that the grocery are doing curb side pick-up in the Panhandle. Don’t forget to see if Instacart is still able to deliver to you, it appears that the delivery times are limited with most store hours.

Ryan is currently in a state where none of these measures have begun. He did plan out his food for next week and is figuring how to be entertained in small town America if he is forced to shelter in place in small town middle-America. Our friends up in Milwaukee are even at the point where their morning news people have one at home and one in the studio. It’s nice to see the technical capabilities of 2020 have made this a little easier to do that back in 2001.

The lighting may be off just a bit.

Tomorrow’s plan is virtual game night. I guess this time it won’t matter if I’m wearing pants, shants, shorts, undies or whatever. . .

Please let me know if you are doing anything special during this time so we can share. . .

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  1. bmcindoe Avatar

    Really appreciate your posts. I think the most exciting thing we may do is play Rumicub with Sue, who we consider one of us. Since we’ve been together so much,, separating from each other is rather pointless as we all are sheltering in place, with little or no community contact. Video conference call for me today, and it is fascinating to watch the technology such as this coming into its own. Stay well!

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