What was your best St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Looking back over my younger years there are two that come to mind.

Pens vs Rangers at the Civic Arena when the game started immediately after the parade. There is a fine line between being a super Penguin fan and being a giant party person. The energy in the arena was amazing from beginning until about the third period when all of the early partier’s started to head off to the bars for the continued festivities.

Chumbawamba at Metropol in the Strip.

In this time of self-quarantine the Chumbawamba song is appropriate as a collective song for what the world is currently going through.

I Get Knocked Down

This year St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated with an ALDI replenishment trip, Crosby getting a bath and new food. Chicken and Rice Pilaf followed by movie night.

Seriously though if you are wondering why we are all on lockdown, this LA Times article covers the number one issue of the coronavirus that’s going on, most transmissions are happening from people who are either asymptomatic or not confirmed.


David and Sally Abel long form

If you have some time to listen to the Abel’s they cover their experience from the cruise ship- from being triaged by the Japanese health care system, to recovery and release. It’s a little long but they made it back to the UK this past weekend.

Some of you are asking what to do without the gym!? Planet Fitness is hosting a Facebook Live – Home workout stream nightly at 7pm EDT if you need your fix.

I’ve been taking advantage of the classes on demand at Peloton.

Regarding movie night it’s my turn to pick after Leslie picked the Movie of the musical -Hair. This one looks, cute and twisted especially since we are stuck in the house.

The One I Love

Stay safe and take it one day at a time.

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