Fitness centers closed. . .

Allegheny County made it official this morning. No Planet Fitness, no other studio available in the county. Since the Governor didn’t make this order state-wide the people of Washington, Westmoreland, Butler and Beaver Counties should beware of the hardcore fitness people. They are likely heading your way. This is why the self-quarantine and social distancing is important for everybody. Testing is still no-where near the South Korea model, but once it is the confirmed cases will finally be confirmed.

Crosby is my workout right now. Yes, that mean’s I’m even avoiding a gym or more importantly people who may have been running around with the potential to be infected. Team David, Leslie and Crosby are continuing to keep our outside contact minimal. Something about doing stairs and hills in Highland Park makes it really easy to avoid lots of people.

The good news is tax season is rolling right along and Leslie is planning popcorn and movie night.

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