When is St. Patrick’s Day?

This social-distancing, staying at home approach to flatten-the-curve to slowing down the spread of the Covid-19 in Pennsylvania sometimes makes you forget what day it is. . .

Today is Sunday and our normal CBS Sunday Morning happy news has been impacted by the coronavirus. This morning they pulled out their 40th Anniversary show from last year. The good news about that. . .it gave me a chance to reflect back to being a kid, sitting in the living room around the TV with my grandfather. Patsy made sure to catch this every Sunday, if only he could have had a flat-screen TV in the kitchen to watch with coffee. Yes, I was hooked on this a long time ago, but now really appreciate watching since it’s the one happy news program that really hasn’t changed much. The curiosity of Charles Kuralt made it easy to experience the world from the armchair.

Patsy and Fran on Fallowfield Ave.

Officially, St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, his reported date of death. Historically Pittsburgh has had many crazy things happen on this day, hopefully this year’s mini-parade instead of big parade will help prevent another one, but it appears that keeping the casino and South Side bars open may still lead to more community spread this week.

If you are not paying attention to what’s going on in PA, click here. Even if your county is not reporting a case, just remember that most of Western Pennsylvania eventually relies on the resources of the Allegheny County Hospitals, so also keep an eye on whats going on in Allegheny County. (Really not a fan of their website, too many downloads and not phone friendly.)

In following the county health guidelines, we are social distancing. We’ve eaten out earlier this week at only a few select restaurants where we know the space between people, service level and even chefs. Leslie has had her made to order, egg-white omelets, while I’ve been mixing my spinach with blueberries.

Even if you don’t have reported cases near you, please assume that there are cases around you. Plan to be in an isolation state even if you are feeling fine and not thinking that this virus is around you. In reading notes from friends in other states, the big issue right now is lack of testing, still not sure how the state of Oklahoma was able to test the entire team and staff of the Utah Jazz.

Be smarter, be safer.

Up until Thursday I only hit the local gym before anybody else showed up, hello 5 a.m. at BodyTech. For now workouts are staying home thanks to my Rogue Thompson Dumbbells and the bike. Soccer is cancelled for the remainder of the month, so tax time is upon us. . . Yesterday it was Jess King and later today it will be a 60-minute CDE ride.

Thanks to Crosby we are forced to keep her fitness program at least twice a day for some nature and fresh air. If you need any help with anything she’s offered to run errands for the next week, just let her know what you need. Let’s not be like Italy, let’s learn from their mis-steps and be smarter as human’s.

Officially, I definitely learned this skill set from Patsy. He would have clipped, copied and mailed these from the New York Times,
Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Just think what he would do if he had an iPad?

Bill, Patsy, Louise and Nancy.

Saturday Movie Night with popcorn: Clue from 1985.

Saturday Workout: Yoga, 30 minute sweat steady ride, dog walk at Highland Park. dog walk to Aspinwall Riverfront Park.

Saturday Project: Find diet Coke.

Let’s take it one day at a time and look out for each other.

As the day has progressed the Gov. of Ohio and the City of Nashville have taken the next steps that should help with social distancing. All bars and restaurants in Ohio are now going into take-out/delivery only mode. The bars of Broadway in Nashville have been ordered closed.

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  1. I believe Patsy and our Dad would have gotten along famously. So sorry they didn’t have the opportunity. Stay well.

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