Dear Mayor of Pittsburgh,

You can close the schools, fitness centers, churches, convention center, sports stadiums and gathering halls, but please leave the dog park alone. We’ve already had to skip the Arnold when the Ohio Dept. of Health and Mayor Ginther realized all those people from across the world landing at John Glenn (CMH) and spending the next three days wandering around a convention center was a perfect place for community spread. Sorry Linds, it made no sense to come and visit if C-bus was going to be under quarantine. At least in Pittsburgh the dog park is full of smells and other pups to bark/play with even at sunset.

It’s already bad enough the humans are now stuck at home with us that we now need to be on their schedule. After this whole spring forward thing we are not cool with walking in the dark again. Now they are likely stuck at home with us for the near future?!?! My plan is to make them rub my belly any time they move past me, apparently my tail wag sends them a message that says love me. If for some reason they forget at 8pm that I need to play my game I will start to whine until they remember that it’s game time.

For all of you that have taken to cleaning out Aldi, Big Bird, K Roger, TJ’s and even Wally World, my new meal plan starts this week. I’m looking forward to trying new foods as part of my new fitness and eating plan. I’ve now started only spending a few minutes in the dog park before leading my humans up the hill for a big loop and at least 9 flights of stairs.

In case you humans in Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio or Massachusetts are wondering how Pennsylvania is doing: here’s the map of PA from the spread as of last night. Yes, I will have lots of kids to bark at the next few weeks as the Governor has closed all schools for the next two weeks and in my neighborhood they have extended the closure until after spring break.

Thanks for listening time to get my humans out of the house!


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